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Hello! I’m Dr. Melissa Longo, and I’ve been providing Chiropractic and holistic care to individuals and families in the Collingwood area for 15 years. During this time I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet and care for incredible people, and the results I’ve seen make me love what I do more and more with every passing year.

A few things I believe:

  • Health comes from within the body, and everyone can benefit from a healthy spine.
  • You deserve a thorough assessment and to have everything explained to you so that together we can create the right plan to meet your current level of health and goals for care.

Health care should be an interactive experience between Doctor and Patient, and collaborative with other professionals.

  • Health care can be delivered in an environment that is filled with natural light, and the warmth of people interacting and children playing.
  • Care should be convenient and accessible, and I offer easy ways to book your visits as well as same day care and direct billing to some extended health care plans.
  • Health is a combination of your physical, mental, emotional and social experiences;  Stress and trauma interfere with the healthy functioning of all body systems. In my practice you’ll find a library of books, weekly articles of interest, and a quarterly family wellness magazine to help you learn more about what you can do to support your care in the practice.  You can also watch my television show, listen to my podcast, connect with my social media channels, or join one of my online programs to work on your nutrition, exercise, sleep, or other lifestyle habits that will expand your potential for health.

I look forward to meeting you, helping you regain your vitality, and introducing you to the healthy community of this practice, 

~ Dr. Melissa

Thrive Chiropractic & Holistic Care

Dr. Melissa Longo – Collingwood Chiropractor

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