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Each episode Dr. Melissa Longo interviews everyday moms who are rocking it in their life!

Women who are raising children, managing their households, building careers, working on their relationships, dealing with challenges, celebrating successes, and finding some sense of balance and connection with themselves. Moms who are living authentic, passionate lives and have stories you can relate to.

Each episode you’ll hear women from all ages and stages of motherhood sharing their stories, life experiences – leaving you with practical tips, ideas and inspiration to help you rock your life.

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  • ERM 037: Lorri Fleming | Nurturing Families At The Womb

    Lorri Fleming is a mom to 2 adult children, Cole 22 and Kyra 19 and has been happily married for almost 25 years. Lorri is a Doula, Parent Educator and Co-founder of The WOMB in Milton, Ontario where she is passionate about Nourishing, Nurturing and Inspiring families through life!

    In this conversation with Dr Melissa Longo Lori talks about how life changes with adult children, and why she believes that nurturing comes from wrapping our arms around our children, while at other times from letting go. Lori openly shares some of the struggles she and her husband have experienced, but how their faith, strong communication and the support of others has helped keep their family strong.

    With her children growing up Lori has been able to focus her attention on opening her dream business – The Womb, a place for all things pregnancy, postpartum and life with children. In this space Lori shines and works with other moms to help them find support, inspiration and ways to care for themselves and their new families.

    Another great conversation with another everyday rockstar mom!

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  • ERM 036: Kathy Boose | Entrepreneurial Life, Active Living & Listening To Your Own Voice

    Kathy Boose lives an active life in Collingwood Ontario with her husband Jason and two children, Damen and Abby.  She has spent her career in Recreation, Fitness, and leads classes at various studios in the Collingwood area.

    Ready for a change to better support her active family’s needs, Kathy decided to use her 20 years of expertise in Lifesaving skills to launch her own business and now teaches Standard First Aid, CPR and AED training sessions, as well as training for youth such as Babysitter, Home Alone and Lifesaving Courses.

    Kathy is passionate about her family and her business, and you’ll hear it in this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo!  During the conversation Kathy shares the big risk she took to become an entrepreneur, but why it has been an amazing change in her lifestyle and allows her to be more present with her kids. Kathy shares some of the ways she manages mom-life and business life, as well as how she and her partner keep their marriage strong.

    Living life to the fullest and putting her family first are her ultimate goals. You can learn more about Kathy on her website or contact her at

    Another great conversation with an everyday rockstar mom! Check it out!

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  • ERM 034: Melissa Enfield | Yoga Philosophy For Everyday Life, Big Picture Thinking & Post Partum Anxiety

    Melissa Enfield is a Yoga, Pilates and Ballet Barre instructor in Collingwood, ON.  Her crazy life includes two wild little boys, one large husband and a new puppy – because why not? Having suffered post partum anxiety after both pregnancies, these days Melissa focuses her fitness practice on using our connection to our bodies to calm the anxieties of life.  Through Buddha Rider Yoga and Cycle Studio in Collingwood, Melissa teaches a variety of classes including fitness for new parents as well as an introduction to yoga for children.  Her sense of humor and empathetic approach to guiding humans big and small through the process of physical awareness defines her work.

    In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Melissa candidly shares her experience with post partum anxiety, and what helped her get through it. Melissa also discusses how the yoga philosophy shapes her daily life, and how living with an attention to taking care of yourself as a woman is key to being present for your family.

    Another great interview with another everyday rockstar mom!

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  • ERM 033: What’s Your Theme Word For 2017?

    What do you want 2017 to look like for your business and your family? What are the most important things for you to achieve and learn, and how do you want to feel? More importantly, how are you going to make some changes?

    Listen to this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo to hear her top strategy for setting her intention and directing all goals for the 12 months ahead.

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  • ERM 032: Niru Terzolo | CEO Who Cooks Dishes Out Her Ideas About Motherhood

    img_6772Niru Terzolo is trying to prove that women can truly do it all. She’s President & CEO of Sensor Technology, mom to Anouk (5) and Nora (3), and wife to a very spirited Frenchman for the past 9 years. Food is a passion and stress reliever and thanks to short commutes, she tries to make it home for lunch every day. After getting pregnant with her first, Niru got some great advice from her OBGYN that she needed to start looking after her body a little better. There began her sporting endeavours which got her to her first Triathlon this past fall.  In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo Niru shares her story and success in developing a structured schedule, a solid support system (that you have to create yourself) Niru believes that you can be a mom, and fit in the things you love, without sacrificing career goals – or style! You can follow her pursuits in life via

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  • ERM 031: Dr. Melissa’s Top 5 Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season!

    mel (25 of 26)The holiday season is a time of celebration, joy and so much fun! But for many moms it’s also a time of added stress with more cooking, baking, gift wrapping, concerts, shopping, and entertaining to do – while still parenting, working and trying to make time to take care of themselves! This isn’t good for our physical or emotional wellbeing. It can be different though! With a few small lifestyle adjustments and fresh perspective you can indulge during the holiday season, feel great, and be present with the people who matter most to you.

    On this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo we discuss the importance of setting your holiday intention, exercise and food hacks, and some ideas for gift giving that make a world of difference to both the giver and receiver.

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  • ERM 030 Barbara Andrews: Using Your Intuition, Changing Careers & Taking Care of Yourself As A Woman

    cadb75c6d49443139e28428481f4f8c2Barb Andrews is a 63 year old single mother of 2 grown children, and proud grandmother of Brooke! Barb is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and work with clients both privately and at Stonetree Naturopathic Clinic in Collingwood. She also works as a children’s preschool teacher at Pretty River Academy, and feels blessed to have family and 2 jobs that she loves.

    In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Barb shares her experiences throughout motherhood, from the infant and toddler years, through the teens, and now continuing to nurture her adult children. Barb shares some of her biggest challenges, her greatest successes as a mother, and how listening to her intuition as a woman has never failed her.

    Barb also discusses how and why she made a shift in her career at the age of 50, and the impact of this decision on profoundly changing her health and life.

    Another great conversation with an everyday mom who rocks!

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  • ERM 029: Mindy Willis-Menard Talks About Postpartum Depression & Finding Our Untapped Potential As Women

    fullsizerenderMindy is an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, health coach, wife, and mother to a sweet toddler named Mayla. She is passionate about teaching yoga, running teacher trainings, and working with women to help them discover the places where they need some support in their life and how to best move forward. Mindy loves adventures and when not working or with her family you’ll find her rock-climbing, snowboarding, running or getting out on her road bike to explore.

    On this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Mindy gets real about how motherhood has been the greatest joy and scariest thing she has ever done. She candidly shares her struggle with Postpartum Depression, how it has taken time to ‘get herself back’ and why her commitment to natural health has been a powerful part of her healing. Mindy also shares a strong belief in the importance of self care, and gives some tips about how she makes it a priority and why its important for her whole family.

    Mindy has been on a healing journey since the birth of her daughter, and it’s given her more strength connection, and helped her realize her own ‘untapped potential’ as a woman.

    Another great conversation with an everyday rockstar mom!  

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  • ERM 028: [Dr. Melissa QUICK TIP] Wish You Could Redo A Mom Moment?

    mel-22-of-26On this quick episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares her experience with her sons, dealing with those moments as parents we wish we could do over! We may not be able to turn back time but we can turn the situation into something more positive in a few simple ways.

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  • ERM 027 Kaeli Van Regan: Self-Care Starts With Being Kind To Yourself!

    dsc_2811Kaeli Van Regan is the founder of Living Inside Out and a Certified Life Coach, Author, Reiki Master and Energy Healer specializing in personal expansion for individuals and families. She has developed products and programs to provide guidance towards a having balance in all aspects of life.

    She has continued her education in the area of natural health and well-being, energy healing, and life coaching. Her gifts include integrating her learning and experience to support people who feel overwhelmed or emotional and helps them to develop in their own lives.

    In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Kaeli shares her experience mothering her 3 children with her life partner and the many successes and challenges she has learned in the process. Kaeli also shares her unique perspective about “self care” for moms, how it begins with the internal conversation many women are having with themselves, and how changing the dialogue into one of greater kindness can create a life filled with more joy. 

    Another conversation with another everyday mom who rocks! 

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  • ERM #26 Dr. Theresa Warner: Find Your Inner Voice | Live With Passion | Top Tips For Healthy Moms

    screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-42-56-pmDr. Theresa Warner is a Paediatric Chiropractor, International Speaker, Author, Wife and Mother of Three!  She is a passionate leader in the health and wellness field with her passion for helping children achieve their full potential for health. She is a widely sought-after speaker on the topics of paediatrics, health and wellness, and pregnancy; serves as a La Leche League leader, and is the founder of Wellness Moms International. Together with her husband of 23 years she maintains a private practice in Point Pleasant, NJ.

    Despite her many accolades, her greatest achievement by far are her 3 beautiful children, and on this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Theresa chats about motherhood and what it has taught her. She discusses how she has created a lifestyle that is truly in line with her passion for her family life and her profession. Theresa shares her best strategies for managing a busy schedule, how she makes time to take care of herself, and the challenges and joys of business life with her husband.

    This is a packed episode full of great information from a rockstar mom who is helping other women do the same!

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  • ERM 025 Naledi Stones: An Introverted Perspective On Taking Risks & Finding Your Passion

    bio-picNaledi is a mother of 3 beautiful children and a proud wife of 7 years. She has been a Nurse since 2006, spending most of that time as a Registered Nurse in the community but has recently decided to step away from nursing to take on the role of Work At Home Mom (WAHM). She is now a License Owner with Salsa Babies and teaching family fitness classes across North Simcoe, Grey and Dufferin Counties.  She is loving life and works every day to find balance between being an engaged mother and wife, new business owner and staying connected with herself.

    On this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Naledi discusses what motherhood has taught her so far, and how learning to take risks and follow her passion has led her to completely change her work and lifestyle. She also shares some amazing insight  about introverted personalities and how learning about herself has given her greater perspective and helped her in many situations as a woman.

    This was a thoughtful interview with another everyday rockstar mom!

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  • ERM 024: Dr. Kelly Volmers Reversing Roles | Growing Together | Don’t Take Things Personally!

    image2Dr Kelly Volmers is a Veterinarian and owner of River Road Animal Hospital. Kelly has always been passionate about her career and the welfare of animals. Having opened her practice while on maternity with her fist son, she has since grown it over the past 18 years to a hospital of 12 staff, an in-house laboratory, dentistry and digital radiology. She continues to focus on preventive medicine and pursue continuing education in infectious diseases and dentistry.  

    Kelly is also the proud mother of two teenage boys and married to her husband Earl for over twenty years, with Earl being a stay at home dad throughout her career.  Kelly shares how this worked for their family, the challenges and criticism they occasionally faced, and the unique family dynamic that has evolved as their sons grow older.

    On this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Kelly also shares her tips for creating a work/life balance, making family memories, and how being present in the moment and not taking things personally has shaped her experiences as a mother.

    A great conversation full of tips and inspiration with another mom who rocks! 

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  • ERM 023 Janet Fairbridge: Do Your Best | Roll With It | The Lessons Of Chronic Pain

    photo for emailJanet is a single Mom to a fabulously talented, smart and athletic 16 year old daughter. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, she lived in Toronto for almost 20 years and moved to Collingwood in 2007 – a move that felt like “coming home”. Two years ago she transitioned from a successful career in television production to a new and exciting career as a professional Fundraiser with Hospice Georgian Triangle.  She has been an active volunteer for many years in the theatre community and finds great comfort and inspiration from her time in the theatre as an audience member as well as actor, director and stage manager. 

    On this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo, Janet talks about her career adventures, how she juggled them with her daughter at all the various ages and stages, and the joy she feels watching her daughter mature into adulthood.

    We also discussed a chronic illness that Janet has lived with since her childhood and the impact it has had on many areas of her life, particularly how it has forced her to be more brave, learn to roll with life’s changes, and pushed her to do her best regardless of minor limitations.

    Another interview with an everyday mom who rocks – check it out!

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  • ERM 022 Shannon Ballard: Mom Hacks | Pay Attention To The Little Things | Corporate Culture For Working Moms

    IMG_2460Shannon wants to live in a world filled with endless creativity, non- stop outdoor adventures and an endless supply of red wine and dark chocolate.  Currently she is the Director of Brand Experience for a creative agency.   In this role Shannon works with clients to build dynamic brands and brings them to life in engaging and memorable ways through end to end customer experience strategies.

    When Shannon’s not training for her next triathlon you can find her planning her next adventure with her dashing husband of 10 years,  jumping on the trampoline with her energetic daughter or answering the question “why” for  the kajillion time for her spirited 5 year old son.

    On this episode Shannon discusses her experience on the roller coaster of motherhood, being a united force with her husband in parenting their children as individuals, and setting goals for themselves as a family unit.

    Shannon also shared how dealing with an unusual viral infection from a travel experience challenged her health, but how the recovery process enabled her to create a support system, learn to ask for help, and shape her life in a more balanced way.  In an entertaining end to the show Shannon shares some hilarious mom hacks guaranteed to make you smile! Fun episode, check it out!

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  • ERM 021 Dr. Andrea Ryan: Putting Your Marriage First | 5am Mom Time | 15 second Parenting Vacations

    IMG_3042Dr. Andrea Ryan is is a Chiropractor and Essential Oils Educator & Distributor with doTERRA. She is a mom to three children, ages 3-9 and she works with her husband, Tom in their own Chiropractic office in Barrie Ontario.

    Andrea’s husband is also her business partner, and on this episode we discuss the unique family and business life they have created for themselves, and how they prioritize their marriage while running their business and raising their children.

    On this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Andrea also shares some of her struggles with her children, how she has learned to say NO, stay calm through the chaos, and take things in stride.  She shares the physical practices, daily rituals and rules for herself that that help her manage her busy life with greater ease.

    Great ideas shared on this episode from another everyday mom who rocks!

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  • ERM 020: Don’t Forget About YOU!

    chiro-10aOn this quick episode Dr. Melissa Longo, host of Everyday Rockstar Moms shares her thoughts about why it’s so important for moms to make themselves and their health a priority, with some practical tips to evaluate your current habits and actions steps to make simple changes in your everyday life.

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  • ERM 019 Dr. Kimberly Spares: Align Yourself With The Moment, Take Care of Yourself & Delegate!

    FullSizeRenderDr. Kimberly Spares is a passionate mother, wife and Family Chiropractor. She is the mother of 5 year old twins, and this year will be celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary with her best friend and partner in life and business, Dr Brian Tresidder. 

    During this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Kim talks about the way her experience volunteering in Africa challenged her to give back to the world, and how she manages to run two successful practices in Australia, while also mothering her twins and maintaining a strong foundation with her husband.  Kim also gets real about some of her challenges with parenting twins at various ages, and how losing her dad at a young age continues to impact her today. Kim shares amazing insight about being present with her children, and some tips she has gained from some strong mentors in her life.

    Kim also talks about learning the valuable lesson of needing to take care of herself, how they set fun health goals as a family, and why she believes all moms should make their health a priority.

    Kim is a warm soul with great perspective and inspiration for moms – check it out!

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  • ERM 018 Karla Findlay: Shifting Priorities, Learning To Let Go & Dropping The Overachiever Mindset!

    FamKarla works in municipal government, teaches fitness and yoga, and just added entrepreneur to her resume by launching a plant-based meal delivery service highlighting local, organic ingredients.

    She lives with her supportive partner and hilarious 3-year-old son, and on this episode we talked about how motherhood has helped her stop trying to be an overachiever, and shift her priorities to the things that are most important in her life.

    Karla shared how her struggle with infertility affected her as a women, but that when she was ultimately able to let go of the emotional weight, the experience helped her develop more patience, and learn to just roll with life a little easier.  Karla also talks about being an early riser and taking time to take care of herself, her supportive partner and how they continue to build their relationship, and some of the family rituals that keep them all connected.  Fun episode – check it out!

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  • ERM 017 Dr. Danielle Eaton: Leading By Example, Living Fully & The Pursuit of Freedom

    IMG_0030Dr. Danielle Eaton is a Chiropractor in St. Louis, Missouri.  She’s also a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  Most of all, she’s a wife and mom to two little girls who are 5 and 2, and stepmom to a 13 year old step daughter.

    Danielle is quite an accomplished woman! With a multitude of professional degrees, a teaching position at a Chiropractic college and a successful practice, she shares how after investing so much into her 10 year career and building up her private practice, she made the very big  decision to leave it all behind and focus on motherhood.

    On this episode, Danielle gets candid about all the emotions that surfaced with that choice, how she worked through them, and ultimately how it has led her to now create a lifestyle that honours both her passion for her career and her passion for motherhood. Danielle also discusses her marriage, the tools she uses to keep herself connected to her values, and how she has learned to ‘enjoy the ride’ and live her life fully in every dimension.

    Great insight on this interview today, check it out!

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  • ERM 016 Jane Schnurr: The Sandwich Generation, Letting Go of Fear & Creating Memories

    All images (c) TEMPO PhotographyJane Schnurr is a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and has worked with a cross section of industries and business people across Ontario. In helping her clients, Jane draws on her 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.  She thrives on helping overwhelmed and stressed entrepreneurs and senior executives make notable improvements and lasting changes to their business and personal lives.

    She is also the single Mom of two beautiful young ladies! 

    On this episode we talked about Jane’s experience as a single mom early in her life and how although many days felt like ‘mission impossible’  she was able to make everyday experiences memorable for her daughters and raise them into the women they are today. We also discussed how Jane’s experience of losing everything when she went through a difficult divorce but how ultimately that forced her to rebuild her life, think about what she really wanted, find her own power as a woman and become an entrepreneur.

    Jane talks about her ritual of journalling and how it helps her to feel more grounded and connected to herself, how it helped her to trust her intuition more and let go of fears she had while her daughters were growing up. Now that Jane’s daughters are older Jane is able to shed some wisdom on how to she has been able to let go of expectations she had for her children and embrace the adventure of motherhood.

    With an aging mother who was one of her strongest influences, Jane also discusses the challenge of continuing to nurture her adult daughters, while doing the same for her own mother. An inspiring story with lots of great wisdom in this show – check it out!

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  • ERM 015: Can Women ‘Have It All’?

    chiro-10aCan women ‘have it all’? We think so.

    In this brief episode Dr. Melissa shares her thoughts and personal experience on the ‘having it all’ topic that often creates a lively debate among many women! She shares the consensus from many of the guests to date, what it takes to ‘have it all’ and a few simple, powerful steps you can take today to define ‘having it all’ for yourself and find a little more joy in your daily life.

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  • ERM 014 Dr. Laura Gravelle: Running A High Frequency Home, Asking For Help & Just Being Yourself

    drlaura-web01Dr. Laura Gravelle  is a family based wellness Chiropractor and owner of Gravelle Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre located in London Ontario.  Her passion for life, health and humanity are clearly demonstrated in all she creates. She believes we all have maximal potential within waiting to shine. She speaks widely in her community at the corporate level and at seminars on health, mindset, positive thinking and steps to creating an abundant life!

    On this episode Laura talks about focusing on the health of her young family and being a busy mom to 4 young ones under the age of 8! She shares her journey starting a business while mothering young children, her personal growth in finding a career path that is congruent with who she authentically is, and how she manages to keep her family life and marriage strong.

    We also discussed a serious health challenge with her youngest child’s and how she found the strength to get through it, the challenges of feeling overwhelmed, and the importance of being open and willing to ask for help.

    Laura is a passionate woman, an inspiring health advocate in her community, with lots of great insights and experiences she openly shared today – check it out!

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  • ERM 013 Kim McNabb: Putting Kids First, Focusing On The Big Picture, & Take It One Day At A Time With a Blended Family

    2013-09-07 16.50.43Kim is  a 48 year old, married, mother of 6 children.   She is a foodworker, working for Community Action Program for Children.   She is an active volunteer in her community and involved with My Friend’s House women’s shelter for the past 7 years, 3 of which she sat as Chair of the Board.  She has a passion for advocating for abuse victims and equality of women.  

    On this episode Kim talks about the challenges, but incredible joys of a blended family, and how together with her husband they created a wonderful home life for their children. She also shares her story of escaping an abusive situation and how that influenced the kind of mother she is today and the incredible work she has done advocating for women and her involvement in the local women’s shelter.

    Kim also talks about what prompted her to get married again, how she and her husband are able to find the moments together in a house of 6 kids, and how an indispensdible group of female friends offers her support, fun, and helps her on a daily basis.

    Kim’s commitment to her family, and making a difference in her community is admirable, I appreciated how real and open she was on today’s interview – It’s a great episode, check it out!

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  • ERM 012 Dr. Diane Meyer: The Balance Myth, Focusing on Gratitude & Relishing The Moments

    diane head shot dec 2010Diane Meyer is a Chiropractor in private practive for over 20 yrs, happily married and is the mother of 4 healthy kids 8-21 yrs.

    Diane has been one of my mentors professionally since I was in Chiropractic school, and I had the opportunity on many occasions to learn from her, develop my clinical skills, understand practice life, but on this episode I get to chat with her about motherhood, which was a whole new perspective that I really enjoyed. Diane talks about starting her practice with a young family, and she also discusses guilt she felt as a working mom, how she was able to let it go and why she thinks there is no such thing as balance.

    We also talked about her supportive husband, how they keep their marriage strong, living with the occasional chaos of a family of 6 and how she turns to gratitude and her spiritual foundation to ground her and focus her energy.

    Diane has always had great wisdom for many Chiropractors, today she shared some great wisdom about being a mom. Check it out!

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  • ERM 011: Drop The “I’m Not A Rockstar Mom” Mentality

    IMG_2631On this episode Dr. Melissa shares her insights from the first 10 episodes, and two ways moms are limiting themselves from adding excitement, challenge, growth and joy to their lives.  She discusses why it’s important to do things that scare you a little bit, and why all moms deserve to give themselves credit for the emotional and physical demands of motherhood and all the great stuff they are doing everyday to support their family life. A short episode filled with inspiration to help you step up your game and rock your life a little more.

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  • ERM 010 Lisa Wilby: Take Charge of Your Happiness, Celebrate the Little Things & Love Yourself First!

    FullSizeRenderLisa is a food and health enthusiast, and a single mom of 3 children, 2 teenage boys and one daughter who is attending university. She  currently  works  full time for a non – profit organization  as a teaching kitchen manager,  teaching  clients  about healthy food and cooking on a budget and about how food relates to our health. She loves connecting with people and sharing good food and conversation.

    On this episode we talked about Lisa’s journey in motherhood, her transition in relocating to another part of the country, starting a business, ending a business, and ultimately finding meaningful work that also allows her to be present for her children.

    Lisa shared how her separation from the father of her children was a pivotal step in her own growth as a woman, how she has found happiness on her own, and the joy she finds in everyday moments. Lisa believes we are all in charge of our own happiness, certainly something she is modelling for her children and people around her. Great conversation on this episode, check it out!

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  • ERM 009 Dr. Sabrina Bercovitch: Parenting With Intention, Working With Your Spouse & Learning From Illness

    AEF3CA41-A2C0-46A0-875C-B1D71CBDCA7EDr. Sabrina Bercovitch is a mother of 3 beautiful, healthy, vibrant awesome children and a passionate Family Chiropractor. She sees lots of expectant Moms, children of all ages and families in the practice she owns and runs with her husband, Dr. Jason Bercovitch. She transforms lives every day with the LiveWell For Life program, a lifestyle program which teaches and guides people to Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Sleep Well and Be Connected Well through optimization of the Brain-Body Connection For Life. Sabrina can be reached her anytime at or drop her a line at

    On today’s episode Sabrina talks about motherhood, the partnership she has with her husband in both work and life, and how they have created a life balance that works for them. She also shares her story of dealing with Lyme Disease and how her health recovery has profoundly impacted her life, and the mother she is today. Sabrina is a dynamic entrepreneur and mother with lots of great tips in this episode today.  Check it out!

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  • ERM 008 Nikki Zavitz: Unschooling, Happy Accidents & Recovering From Perfectionism

    IMG_6283Nikki is a Paleo-living, nature-loving mother of 3 girls ranging in age from 2-6 yrs, and is married to her best friend for almost 10 years. A passionate learner and unconventional thinker, Nikki has taken a very early retirement from teaching in the public school system and is now Unschooling her daughters. We talked about why she made that choice, and how that decision and other ‘happy accidents’ have flowed into her now living a life she loves. We also discussed some of the challenges she has faced as a mother, criticism about some of her parenting choices, finding acceptance and recovering from perfectionism. Nikki shares what gives her confidence as a woman, what inspires her, and the work it takes to continue to create balance within all of their lives. Nikki also runs her own small business creating pre-made healthy meals for families, and we talked about how she schedules her time effectively and the difference that healthy food has made in her family’s life. Nikki is a warm soul who has consciously created a lovely life for herself and her family. This is a great conversation! You can reach Nikki at

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  • ERM 007 Lia Sonnenburg: Creating Boundaries, Building Confidence & Taking Care of Basic Needs

    HeadShot_IMG_0238Dr. Lia Sonnenburg is a Naturopathic Doctor who has practiced in Collingwood for 6 years.  She’s a mother of two active, healthy and hilarious young boys under the age of 5.  She’s passionate about helping people reach their health goals using the ‘physiology prevails over pathology approach’.  By finding the root cause of the problem, the body can then do what it’s supposed to – naturally and faithfully.  Her specialties include pediatrics, oncology, digestion, women’s health and fertility but she ends up running a fairly busy general practice as well.

    On this episode she talks about how motherhood has shaped her confidence as a woman, given her tremendous joy, how she juggles running a business with two young children, keeping her marriage healthy, and taking care of herself.  We also discussed some of the tips she gives her female patients, the importance of taking care of our basic needs, and how to create boundaries in your life for people’s opinions about how you raise your family.

    Lia is a warm woman with lots of wisdom, you’ll hear it in her voice. Check out this episode!

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  • ERM 006 Michelle Kusiar: Defining Moments, Transformations & Making Things Happen!

    IMG_3787Michelle is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls, Ciara 12yrs and Camryn 2yrs.  She works full-time in the recreation field assisting community groups with their programs and connecting families to those programs.  When she’s not working or parenting, she’s helping others develop a healthy lifestyle.  Today she shares her ideas about motherhood, some defining moments in her life and the dramatic impact it had on who she is as a woman and mother. We also chatted at length about her pursuit of health both physically and mentally, the importance of her workouts and nutrition, how she makes time for it, and most importantly, the personal challenges that got her motivated to make some changes in the first place. Michelle has a great commitment to making things happen in her life, and inspires others with her positivity!

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  • ERM 005 Dr. Ali Miller: Being a Role Model for Girls, Peak Performance Strategies & Thriving in Chaos

    aliDr. Ali Miller is a fifteen year chiropractic professional with a strong affinity for women’s and children’s health and family wellness. Dr. Ali leads a balanced chiropractic lifestyle incorporating exercise, clean eating and meditation. It is her mission to raise the level of health in her community and she thrives on sharing information and inspiring change. Dr. Ali and her rockstar husband Adam live in Bolton with their three well-adjusted daughters Riley, Bailey and Zoe. They are her everything.

    On this episode we talked about how she balances her practice and the lives of her 3 girls, how she has kept her 22 year relationship with her husband strong, and the importance of taking care of herself and how workouts, connecting with friends,  are keys to making it all work.  She also shares some of her experience in dealing with her own fears as a woman, facing challenges within her family, and how she dealt with them and got through them stronger. I particularly loved how she grounds herself consistently in thinking about what kind of example she wants to set for her daughters, the kinds of experiences she wants to give them to know that they are capable as women and deserving of a great life.

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  • ERM 004 Dr. Justine Blainey Broker: The Value of Competitive Sports, Daily Rituals & Working Hard For What You Believe In

    IMG_2535At the early age of 12 years old, Justine Blainey learned that the price of a value held dear can be loneliness and friendship, despair and elation, endless work and useful work, and the sometime sadness tinged with satisfaction of a life lived well, a life lived to serve. Her beliefs became action and five court cases later, the Ontario Human Rights Code was amended to remove legislated inequality in sports, and Justine hit the ice with the boys. Justine has not sat on the pride of her past achievements. Justine continues to believe passionately in equality.

    Now Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker, Doctor of Chiropractic, she has spoken internationally about chiropractic, health and well-being. She provides entrepreneurial advice and inspiration to thousands of Health Professionals and runs a busy family practice in Brampton, Ontario.

    Justine is a passionate doctor, but she is also a devoted wife, and mother to two teenagers! On this episode she shares her ideas about motherhood, we also talked about the value of competitive sports in her life and for both her children,

    She also shares some of her experience in fighting for equality in the hockey world as a youth, the impact of being an activist, how that shaped her as a woman and continues to influence her today.

    Justine is a very busy woman, on this episode she also shares how she manages their family’s busy schedule, the value of a few key daily rituals for her, the importance of having a support team, and some of her strategies to keeping her marriage strong.

    Justine is a dynamo, is a powerhouse, a hard worker with strong values – check out her interview!

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  • ERM 003 Michele Rich: New Directions, The Power of Meditation & Being A Student of Motherhood

    3770LinkedMichele is a mother to a teen-aged daughter, married to a great guy, and a Registered Psychotherapist with an independent practice.  Michele is also the Executive Director of a non-profit organization called The Environment Network, and she teaches at Georgian College. Her goal is to empower people by helping them to understand themselves and guide them into a healthy, joyful life.  Michele dedicates her time and energy to all of these endeavours because she believes, deep in her heart, that this is the way to heal the world.  Making sure that she maintains a healthy, joyful life herself can sometimes be tricky, but it is definitely possible.

    On today’s episode Michele she shares her ideas about what motherhood has taught her , the impact of some of the challenges she has faced, why she decided to go back to school, and how she manages to make her family life and career work. She talks about the parenting choices she wishes she could have reversed, the ongoing joys of motherhood, and how she finds time to stay connected with her growing daughter.

    She also discusses her secret weapon for giving her focus, preparing her for challenges, calming her in times of chaos, and why it’s one of the top tips she recommends to all her clients.

    Michele can be reached at 705.444.3372 or

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  • ERM 002 Rula Sharkawi: Pursuing Dreams, Setting Intentions & Family Balance

    Rula’s passion for good food and a pursuit of creativity in business makes for an innovative and delicious line-up of My Little Chickpea products. She began her career over 25 years ago helping run two family restaurants and then, following graduate school, went into corporate communications and crisis management. She left her role as an executive in the corporate world to return to where it all began—food. Since launching My Little Chickpea, this big chickpea has never been happier, spreading the comfort and energy of clean food goodness to communities all around her!  Rula lives in Toronto with her husband and two gorgeous little chickpeas, Gabe and Julian!

    On today’s episode Rula talks about what prompted her to make the big leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship, how that decision improved her relationship with her sons and her husband, and how this lifestyle change has create more joy in her life. Rula shares how she focuses her time, what motivates her everyday, and where she finds inspiration. She also discusses the importance of having goals and setting intentions on a daily basis to ground her as both a mother and business women.

    Rula makes time to take care of herself too! We talked about the importance of nourishing the female spirit, keeping excitement in marriage, and dealing with challenges in life, work, and parenting.  A wonderful woman with an inspiring story!

    Connect With Rula & Find Out More About My Little Chickpea

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  • ERM 001 Darlene Christianson: Be Open To Adventure, Reinventing Yourself, & Being Present With Your Kids

    dar1Darlene grew up in small town Ontario, Canada and was married with two beautiful kids by the age of 23. After being a stay at home mom for 5 years, Darlene moved back to cottage country and pursued a career in new home sales. Her children grew older, she divorced, went back to school, and enjoyed a variety of work opportunities before meeting the love of her life, remarrying, and blending her family with his. Together with her husband she has conducted tours all over Europe, travelled extensively, and now lives and works in Washington, DC.

    Throughout her life Darlene has been heavily involved in volunteer opportunities, in particularly in events that support other women. She is the creator and leader of the meet up group in DC area called WAM – women achieving more – with currently boasts over 300 members. She’s a dynamic, lively personality who likes to give back and help others, that certainly comes across in her interview today.

    On today’s show we discussed Darlene’s life experiences and journey as a mother, the tough times, the joys, and how relationships with children are constantly evolving. She describes why she feels motherhood is better than she thought it would be, the key strategies she used to stay connected to her kids during times of transition, and her role in a blended family. Darlene also shares how she keeps some excitement in her marriage, how she makes time to take care of herself, and why she feels it’s important to stay open to the unexpected possibilities and adventures life brings us.

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  • ERM 000: Dr. Melissa Longo | My Story

    The Origin of Everyday Rockstar Moms, What You Can Expect to Hear, and Why I Think Moms ROCK!

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