What is Health?

“Health cannot be measured by how we feel but rather how well our body is coping with the stressors we place on it”  ~ Dr. Melissa

Ask yourself this: if a person in pain takes a pill and the pain goes away, does this mean he or she is healthy again?

Real health involves quality nutrition and sleep, exercise, minimizing toxins, reducing stress, a well functioning nervous system, and positive happy thoughts.  Are you doing all that you should be? We start by making sure your spine is moving well (or healing in that direction) and taking the pressure off your nervous system so your brain can talk to your body.  Its up to you to examine the other areas of your life and ask us for guidance as needed to make other healthy changes to support your body.

If you’re ready to make a change join us for one of our monthly workshops and learn something new (or just be reminded so you can get back on track).  All our workshops are very informal and always a good time!

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