I have been in our new location for 2 months now. Some of you are wondering why some things are still not finished with the renovation, some of you don’t care (and tell me you come see me to get adjusted regardless of the decor) and others remind me that its a process and love watching it all unfold.

Part of the ‘unfinished’ parts are out of my control because I am relying on people with skills I do not have to complete work that was started. Having said that, there are tasks to be completed that I can physically handle but here’s why they are still waiting to be finished:

I believe its my responsibility to live the life I encourage you to live. Simple.

I encourage you to make time for physical activity/exercise.

I encourage you to maintain social connections and loving relationships.

I encourage you to choose good food and prepare as much as you can yourself.

I encourage you to get plenty of rest.

I encourage you to play with your children, and give them the attention they need.

I encourage you to have fun, pursue new hobbies and play!

I encourage you to balance all of these things in your life because you are a whole person, and because being healthy requires attention to all these areas.

We all have work responsibilities, family obligations and personal objectives. The key lies in balancing  all of them every week, sometimes every day, and giving ourselves permission to do so.

So in addition to managing the ongoing renovation of my office space  I am doing the best I can to balance the other parts of my life too! In doing so, the entire process just takes longer….

Are the different facets of your life balanced? Sure there are times when some of our responsibilities dominate, when we must focus specifically on doing the best we can to manage everything.  However, if this is a consistent challenge for you – what can you do differently? Do you need to shift your priorities? How can you make a change, and what do you need to get started?

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