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Recently at a continuing education event I was asked to complete the following statement “When I adjust people….” during a session of sharing and discussion with colleagues. Based on what I know from my training, and what I have seen in my practice consistently for the past 10 years, here’s the list I created. Keep in mind its quite spontaneous! The real-life stuff we see here….

When I adjust people…

blood pressure balances – muscles balance – sinuses clear    nerve supply increases – thoughts are clearer – sleep is better awareness is heightened – leg pain subsides  – bowels clear  taste improves – pelvic structure shifts – heart rate stabilizes children giggle – cuts heal faster – broken bones heal – relief seizures slow down – fevers drop – balance restored            people connect to others – people laugh – body heals     breathing regulates – euphoric – back pain clears –        headaches lessen – arm pain clears – neck pain clears   menstrual cycles regulate – immune system is stronger     energy improves – blood sugar normalizes – ear infections stop depression lessens – addictions subside – libido improves empowered thinking – excitement about health               flexibility improves – infections go away – families are healthier couples are healthier – life is enjoyed better – able to work hobbies improve – life is turned on – labour progresses or starts babies smile – allergies lessen – stomach aches subside        peace enters the body – strength returns

I share this with you as a simple reminder that regardless of the health challenge that you are facing, if any, you are always better with a healthy nervous system!  A body without spinal subluxations will always perform better than one with them.  Trust your body and its ability to be well. With every adjustment your body as a whole works better. Its as simple as that.

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