Gratitude Wall

Of all the years in practice (10! Yes a party is being planned!) I think this year’s Thanksgiving event was my favorite.

Everyday as we discussed the importance of living with a grateful heart, encouraging you to take a moment to share what you were grateful for, we were inspired by the responses we received.

More than just the act of writing the gratitude note, others read all the notes on the wall, had a laugh, shared a sentiment, and left with a smile on their face.

We watched people reflect, and often converse with others in the practice. We witnessed people coming together, interacting with each other, and watched a community unfold.

I am a big believer in the power of community and to see it happening in my own practice always makes me smile…to see new relationships formed within the walls of this office.  Its precisely why we will continue to create events that bring people together, that share in the human spirit and foster greater harmony within our community.

THANK YOU for playing along and sharing your stories.

THANK YOU for committing to get well and for choosing us to support your health.

THANK YOU for trusting us with your referrals of friends and loved ones.

THANK YOU for your flexibility with scheduling changes.

THANK YOU for your continued patience and support during the rebuilding of this space.

THANK YOU for the laughter you bring us during your office visits.

THANK YOU for inviting us into your children’s lives.

Congratulations to our draw prize winner Zach…a 12 yr old boy who shared his gratitude list after his adjustment one morning before school.  He won’t be going to Le Scandinave Spa but will be enjoying a gift certificate to a sporting goods store instead!

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