Lessons from a Renovation – Part 1

During the restoration and redesign of this building I have thought about many comparison’s to one’s health…

What you see isn’t always what you get.

There were a few surprises we discovered (and continue to find) during the renovation process. I didn’t know the floor was weak until we looked, and so it was rebuilt. We couldn’t see all the old wiring that was hidden behind the walls, and so new wiring was installed. In a 100 year-old house there are always interesting discoveries to be found. Years of changes to the original structure, and many curious solutions to problems that arose.

My attitude with every discovery (although reluctantly because of the time and investment required to fix!) was “Great that we found out! Let’s rebuild it and make it better.”

Yet too often when it comes to our bodies people don’t want to know what’s wrong.

I hear it all the time! “Oh I’d hate for you to look at me, you would see what a mess my body is”. Just like in an old house, many parts of  your body can be overlooked while focusing only on the parts you can ‘“see’”.

How do you define being healthy? By how you are feeling? Or by how you are functioning?

What could be hidden in your body?

I often wonder what it takes for people to take control of their health, why there is such apathy among people? What gets people to take action and make healthy choices to support their body?  Unfortunately the answer for most is CRISIS.  In my experience not enough people truly value their health, or they have been misled as to what the human body needs to function properly.

If you want to thrive, not simply survive, you need to commit time and resources to all components of a healthy lifestyle: proper food, proper movement (spinal joints with chiropractic care and overall movement with exercise), healthy relationships, personal time, adequate rest, hydration, fresh air and sunlight.

Your body is the house your spirit lives in.  How are you taking care of it? Are you doing everything you could be? If not, why?  Are you going to wait for a crisis to happen before you act?

Please know your answers to these questions are for you to know, and whatever they are, its your responsibility to accept them, or make changes!   Your care here encompasses you as a whole being, and although your adjustments are the most  powerful thing you can do for your body, there are other necessities for healthy function.  My responsibility is to support your health however I can, so if you need or want some direction, ask us!

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