What is Holistic Care & Why is it Important?

ID-10083065Spinal misalignments called vertebral subluxations cause muscle imbalances, joint irritation, inflammation, and early degeneration.

Spinal subluxations alter the healthy mechanical and neurological functions in the body.

Subluxations weaken all organ systems, leading to sickness, pain,  and a lesser quality of life. Doctors of Chiropractic correct spinal subluxations to restore proper motion and function within the body.

Spinal subluxations are caused by STRESS! – physical, chemical and mental/emotional.

If we only address the spinal subluxations with adjustments, we might not be addressing the real cause of the problems with your health.

The lifestyle choices you make (exercise, nutrition, sleep, good relationships, positive thinking, hydration etc.) have a huge impact of the results you will obtain with chiropractic.

The goal of your care here is to help you THRIVE in all aspects of your health, and life.

In addition to clinical care, there is an extensive lending library, monthly workshops, an interactive web community, and an extensive network of other health professionals we can connect you with to make other changes in your health.  In my experience, when healthy lifestyle changes are combined with chiropractic care, the transformations are profound.  Entering my twelfth year of practice, I continued to be inspired by the healing that I witness, and the increased quality of people’s lives as a result.

Chiropractic works! Find a chiropractor to add to your health care team. If you need advice call for a complimentary consultation (yes, even on the telephone or online). If I can’t help you I will find you someone who can.

It’s never too late to start feeling better. Get started today.

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