Gifts of Experience

ID-10030491There are many ways to show affection and pamper the ones you love without purchasing ‘things’.  Time together is more valuable with the ones we love than any object, and you’ll get the benefit too! Take the stress away from shopping and get creative giving gifts of the heart in other ways.

If you choose to give gifts during the holiday season, consider ones that are from local stores. Shop within your community if possible and you’ll save on gas, meet new people and support a small business.

I’ve noticed many people choosing ‘experience gifts’ instead of tangible items…consider giving someone you love movie/theatre/concert tickets/sporting events. This year my sons chose tickets to an NHL game and a few days away in lieu of new toys. We’re all looking forward to spending the time together, and enjoying some playful rivalry as we’ll be cheering for the opposite teams!

Vouchers for ski passes, yoga passes, gift certificates for restaurants and cafes. Cooking classes, music or art lessons. Spa services are always a popular choice.

What about the gift of a consultations with health professionals you know and trust? Sound crazy? It’s one of the most popular events I do in my practice and people wait for it every year.  I extend the opportunity for people in my practice to give the gift of heath to someone they care about, someone they believe could benefit from holistic approach to health and chiropractic care. It’s a no obligation way for their friends and family to meet with me, get a feel for the practice, ask questions about their health and consider whether the chiropractic approach is right for them.

Many practices offer something similar, as do many small service businesses.

Look around your community for services you use, ones that have made an impact on your quality of life, and consider giving your loved ones a certificate to try out those services.

“You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do can impact the the lives of others.”

A small gesture to help someone else, to merely suggest they try something that has improved your health, can make a tremendous difference in the life! Imagine if EVERYONE you knew had exceptional health…how much better would it be to be around them? How much happier would they be? What would they be able to do better?

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