Stress-Free School Lunches? Yes, It’s Possible

Most parents I know (myself included at times!) find making school lunches a frustrating endeavor. Trying to combine healthy choices with the preferences of your child, and potentially the influence of other children, can be a challenge.

My suggestion? Get your children involved, and RELAX about it.

I recommend everyone choose 100% high-quality, nutritious food 100% of the time; but that’s not realistic for most people, so instead I promote my 80/20 rule:  make 80% good choices and leave 20% for items that “have no nutritional value but taste good”.

Applying  this simple rule to your kids lunches might help ease the whole process.
My boys lunches include a fruit, vegetable, sandwich/main of some type (these days we have fallen in love with a great invention – the thermos!). They also often include some kind of packaged, processed item that their grandmother buys for them!

My sons understand the importance of good food, but by focusing on feeding them a solid breakfast and dinner, I can loosened up about that middle meal.

Consider your child’s overall food intake.  If you focus on the quality of their other meals during the day, and over the whole week, you can safely oblige their tastes for school lunches and still feel you are providing them with the solid nutrition for growing minds and bodies.

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