Adding More Life to Your Years

I’m known for working with kids but I love seeing people of all ages experience the benefits of Chiropractic, and have been so inspired lately by the older crowd within the practice…people who in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and living healthy and fulfilling lives.

Most of them have had times in their life when they were not feeling so mobile, when they had significant pain, experienced significant health challenges; and they worried about how their lives would deteriorate, and what would happen as they continued to age.

What inspires me about these folks is that they found hope and help, and made substantial changes in their lifestyle so that they could live a more vibrant life. They asked questions, found the right professionals to support them, and are committed to taking care of themselves as best as possible.

At any age, this is not always easy. 

It’s not ‘easy’ to choose good food when our brain craves something not so good; it’s not ‘easy’ to exercise, and it’s not always ‘easy’ to adopt a positive outlook. But, it’s always a choice.

It has been estimated that by 2050 4.2 million Americans will be living until they are 100 years old. It’s also been estimated that our generations are living an average of 34 years longer than our grandparents did.

So our ability to live longer isn’t in question, the questions are how will you be spending your years? And what are you doing now to support your body and ensure you’ll get there with the level of health you dream of?

While genetics certainly play a role, there has never been a centenarian recorded who had a centenarian parent. Experts claim that in fact, genetics determine less than a third of the factors involved in lifespan. Our chronological age (actual age) increases every minute regardless what we do, but our biological age (how well your body looks and functions) is much more flexible. The difference in your actual age and biological age can be as much as 30 years! We know the requirements for a healthy body: connecting with others, eating good food, getting enough sleep, moving your body, maintaining a happy outlook, and a healthy spine and nervous system!

Studies have shown that chiropractic patients in their senior years report better overall health, have fewer chronic conditions, spend fewer days in nursing homes and hospitals, are more mobile in their communities and are less likely to use prescription drugs than non-chiropractic patients.  Even when the demographics were nearly identical, the chiropractic group reported fewer ongoing health problems.

Along with aligning your spine, working with a Chiropractor can help align the other habits in your life to be more congruent with good health. When you invest in your body, it will always offers excellent returns.

The more you do today, the more your body will reward you later in life with the physical health to allow you to pursue the activities and hobbies you dream of.

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