“I Feel Fine”

ID-10083065Many people don’t think they need to see a Chiropractor because they ‘feel fine’.

Many people hold the belief that if we have symptoms we are sick, and if are without symptoms then we are healthy. Much of modern health care relies on this approach, ridding people of their symptoms.  Many people come into my practice to get rid of their symptoms, seeking relief from the physical ailments they are experiencing.  But there are limitations with this belief.

Some of the sickest people in this country are symptom free. Similarly, a person who is experiencing symptoms is not necessarily SICK. Many of the symptoms people experience are actually signs that the body is healing, and stopping those symptoms can inhibit the healing process.

Think about some of these examples:

fevers – the body raises the internal temperature to kill bacterias or viruses

sneezing/coughing/vomiting/diarrhea – the body is trying to expel something foreign to it!

joint pain – the body tells us to be careful, to avoid using the joint and doing further damage

swelling – the body creates a natural splint to protect the joint

inflammation – the body increases the circulation to repair the injured tissue

bloating & indigestion – the body tells us something we ate was not right for us!

Symptoms are not bad, they just tell us to pay more attention! Every symptom is our body lovingly giving us a message.  When symptoms occur, our body is trying its best to communicate with us. Do you listen and act? Or just try to stop it? It’s up to you.

Life is a process, not an event, and so is healing. Sometimes symptoms are simply part of the healing response, part of your body adapting to a new healthier internal state and a way it clears things out.

Health is not defined as an absence of symptoms; and sickness and dis-ease in the the body don’t only occur in the presence of symptoms. Health is a condition of wholeness in which all your muscles and organs are functioning 100%. Spinal subluxations disturb this process, and will cause symptoms as your body tries to communicate something is wrong.

I care about your symptoms, but I care more about your whole body and the longer-term effects of neurological and structural damage going on inside you!

After a chiropractic adjustment your body will always function at a higher level, regardless of how you feel. I know the power of a chiropractic adjustment. I have witnessed it for almost 15 years clinically, and I have seen it personally with myself and my family.

Symptoms might be the reason many people come into my practice, but it’s not what gets them excited to stay once they are feeling better! If you are living with spinal subluxations you are simply not functioning at your peak. Chiropractic will cause your symptoms to resolve, but most importantly it ensures your body is functioning as a whole so that you can move, think and feel your best.

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