ERM 001 Darlene Christianson: Be Open To Adventure, Reinventing Yourself, & Being Present With Your Kids

dar1Darlene grew up in small town Ontario, Canada and was married with two beautiful kids by the age of 23. After being a stay at home mom for 5 years, Darlene moved back to cottage country and pursued a career in new home sales. Her children grew older, she divorced, went back to school, and enjoyed a variety of work opportunities before meeting the love of her life, remarrying, and blending her family with his. Together with her husband she has conducted tours all over Europe, travelled extensively, and now lives and works in Washington, DC.

Throughout her life Darlene has been heavily involved in volunteer opportunities, in particularly in events that support other women. She is the creator and leader of the meet up group in DC area called WAM – women achieving more – with currently boasts over 300 members. She’s a dynamic, lively personality who likes to give back and help others, that certainly comes across in her interview today.

On today’s show we discussed Darlene’s life experiences and journey as a mother, the tough times, the joys, and how relationships with children are constantly evolving. She describes why she feels motherhood is better than she thought it would be, the key strategies she used to stay connected to her kids during times of transition, and her role in a blended family. Darlene also shares how she keeps some excitement in her marriage, how she makes time to take care of herself, and why she feels it’s important to stay open to the unexpected possibilities and adventures life brings us.

Posted in Everyday Rockstar Moms Podcast.