ERM 006 Michelle Kusiar: Defining Moments, Transformations & Making Things Happen!

IMG_3787Michelle is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls, Ciara 12yrs and Camryn 2yrs.  She works full-time in the recreation field assisting community groups with their programs and connecting families to those programs.  When she’s not working or parenting, she’s helping others develop a healthy lifestyle.  Today she shares her ideas about motherhood, some defining moments in her life and the dramatic impact it had on who she is as a woman and mother. We also chatted at length about her pursuit of health both physically and mentally, the importance of her workouts and nutrition, how she makes time for it, and most importantly, the personal challenges that got her motivated to make some changes in the first place. Michelle has a great commitment to making things happen in her life, and inspires others with her positivity!

Posted in Everyday Rockstar Moms Podcast.