ERM 016 Jane Schnurr: The Sandwich Generation, Letting Go of Fear & Creating Memories

All images (c) TEMPO PhotographyJane Schnurr is a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and has worked with a cross section of industries and business people across Ontario. In helping her clients, Jane draws on her 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.  She thrives on helping overwhelmed and stressed entrepreneurs and senior executives make notable improvements and lasting changes to their business and personal lives.

She is also the single Mom of two beautiful young ladies! 

On this episode we talked about Jane’s experience as a single mom early in her life and how although many days felt like ‘mission impossible’  she was able to make everyday experiences memorable for her daughters and raise them into the women they are today. We also discussed how Jane’s experience of losing everything when she went through a difficult divorce but how ultimately that forced her to rebuild her life, think about what she really wanted, find her own power as a woman and become an entrepreneur.

Jane talks about her ritual of journalling and how it helps her to feel more grounded and connected to herself, how it helped her to trust her intuition more and let go of fears she had while her daughters were growing up. Now that Jane’s daughters are older Jane is able to shed some wisdom on how to she has been able to let go of expectations she had for her children and embrace the adventure of motherhood.

With an aging mother who was one of her strongest influences, Jane also discusses the challenge of continuing to nurture her adult daughters, while doing the same for her own mother. An inspiring story with lots of great wisdom in this show – check it out!

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