ERM 024: Dr. Kelly Volmers Reversing Roles | Growing Together | Don’t Take Things Personally!

image2Dr Kelly Volmers is a Veterinarian and owner of River Road Animal Hospital. Kelly has always been passionate about her career and the welfare of animals. Having opened her practice while on maternity with her fist son, she has since grown it over the past 18 years to a hospital of 12 staff, an in-house laboratory, dentistry and digital radiology. She continues to focus on preventive medicine and pursue continuing education in infectious diseases and dentistry.  

Kelly is also the proud mother of two teenage boys and married to her husband Earl for over twenty years, with Earl being a stay at home dad throughout her career.  Kelly shares how this worked for their family, the challenges and criticism they occasionally faced, and the unique family dynamic that has evolved as their sons grow older.

On this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Kelly also shares her tips for creating a work/life balance, making family memories, and how being present in the moment and not taking things personally has shaped her experiences as a mother.

A great conversation full of tips and inspiration with another mom who rocks! 

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