How Can You Find The Right Chiropractor for YOU?

One of the things I hear regularly within my practice, from new people I meet with, is the negative experience they may have had within a different practice. Or possibly that they have never been to a Chiropractor, but what they have heard has not been positive.  It’s upsetting because I know how much they are missing by not having their spine regularly checked and adjusted by the RIGHT Chiropractor for them, and it makes me tremendously happy when they have a different experience in my practice because I know they are the path to better health.

A big reason for this is because on the first few visits with someone new I spend time getting really clear on what outcomes they are aiming for, and I’m willing to refer them to a different practitioner if I don’t feel I’m the right one for them. I believe everyone should have a Chiropractor on their health team, but who that particular Chiropractor is for each person will depend on their skills, techniques, approach, and the type of environment. What it really boils down to is FIT: finding the right Doctor for you depending on what your needs and health goals are.

If you had a really bad meal at a restaurant, would that mean you never ate out at a restaurant again? Of course not, you’d just try a different place. If you had a really awful haircut, would you never go for a haircut again? Of course not, you’d just find a different stylist. The same can be said for your experience with all other professionals or services you seek out.

What I hope you get from this post is a new willingness to try Chiropractic again. Here are some questions to consider when finding a Doctor who is right for you:

  1. Did you feel heard? Were the reason why you sought help understood and validated?
  2. Did you like the environment of the practice? The energy, the team, the location?
  3. Did you have opportunity to ask questions? Were your questions adequately answered?
  4. Did you feel a genuine connection with the Doctor? Everyone has a different personality. Some people become fast friends, while others have nothing in common. Your chiropractor is not necessarily your friend, but if you don’t feel like they are someone you want to have a relationship with…you might need to reconsider.
  5. Do they seem like the kind of Chiropractor you are looking for? If you’re looking to have a sports injury experience but the office is designed for paediatrics, it might not be right one; if you’re looking for a calm serene environment and hour long appointments, but find yourself in an high energy family practice…again not the right spot for you.

If your answers for any of these questions are NO, look for another Doctor.

If you can honestly answer YES to these questions, then you are likely in the right spot.

If you’re still not seeing the results you want, it could be that you just need to give it time. Restoring proper joint movement and function is a process, and all healing takes time. Ask your questions, get clarification about the care you are receiving, believe you will be well and be open minded to the suggestions your Doctor is providing you.

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