Is Your Body ‘Out of Balance’?

The body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism and perfectly designed to express good health. As a Chiropractor our whole clinical philosophy is based on this simple fact, and after all these years in clinical practice I’m still amazed and the ability of the human body to coordinate all internal functions, heal and grow when given the right environment inside.

On the wall in my reception room it’s written: “There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause.”  In addition to providing spinal care, it’s always been important for me to take a holistic approach so that people’s health can improve, and so they can completely heal and thrive.

When a body is NOT functioning well, whether it’s pain or lack of mobility in the neck, low back, or hips or some other symptom of dis-ease (bowel trouble, compromised immune system, allergies, etc) the question we need to always be trying to answer is “What is the cause of this imbalance?”

The easiest and quickest way to answer this question is one word, can you guess what that is? STRESS. But, it’s also a little deeper than that, there are generally 3 main categories of stress in the body:

  1. Trauma: accidents & falls, sports injuries, car accidents, repetitive strains, poor posture habits
  2. Toxins: pesticides, chemicals in personal care or household products, pollution, food sensitivities, drugs, nicotine, alcohol
  3. Thoughts: mental stress, overwhelm, anxiety, negativity, emotional trauma

Nowadays I think it’s also important to consider a 4th category too:

4. Deficiency: lack of proper nutrients, sedentary living, lack of mobility, lack of adequate brain stimulation

How do these stresses affect your health?

Trauma, Toxins, Thoughts & Deficiency  —–>  STRESS on body

STRESS —>  internal changes in body physiology to adapt, leading to dis-ease, then disease

What is the solution?

Restoring health doesn’t generally just happen with a ‘quick fix’, it’s a consistent way of living to ensure your body functions the way it’s naturally designed to. There are often 3 parts to this process:

Remove or minimize the stressors. This might mean lowering your level of stress, improving your movement patterns, reducing your toxic exposure or any number of other things depending on your unique situation.

Restore proper mobility  This is where Chiropractic comes in! 

“The more mechanically distorted the spine, the less energy available for metabolism, energy and healing.” ~ Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Winner for brain research

Support the body by adopting lifestyle habits that are congruent with good health and allow the body to  to function the way it was designed to!

In my practice we look at all 3 of these areas so that you can not only feel better faster, but so that you’re results will last and all aspects of your health will improve, and it’s an approach that has consistently worked for the past 15 in practice.

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