Balance, Agility & Chiropractic

I’m fortunate to see a variety of people in my practice, including many athletes! Whether it’s just people who want to enjoy an active lifestyle and recreational activities, or highly competitive athletes looking to improve their performance or recover from injuries, I love hearing about their goals and accomplishments.

Many professional athletes have a chiropractor on their sport team, and it’s not just because it helps them stay mobile, prevent injuries, or recover. Many athletes (and many people who have no sports or athletic interest whatsoever!) choose chiropractic because it helps them perform better.


Check out this study: 

Researchers had two groups: Asymptomatic athletes with no acute or chronic injuries were given chiropractic care based on their own clinical findings, and a second group who were athletes, but were the ‘control group’ and were not provided any spinal care.  Both groups were given training exercises.

Researchers measured changes in agility, balance, touch perception, power, and speed, reactions after six weeks of chiropractic care then again at 12 weeks. After 6 weeks they found 10.5% improvement in the chiropractic group, compared to 4% improvement in the control. After 12 weeks their evaluation showed a further 16.7% improvement in the chiropractic group compared to the control group.  The authors concluded that correction of spinal subluxation enables the body to function and perform at a higher level.

Think about where in your day to day life could improved balance and agility help you? Whether you are training for something specific, or just training for life (like me!) remember that a healthy spine and a nervous system that is operating with maximized function is a key component!

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