3 Conditions That Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

In this blog post I described the difference between disc bulges and herniation,  and what you can do if this is happening to you. One of the many reasons you should consult with a health professional and not “Dr. Google” is that there can also be other problems in the body that create some of the same symptoms, and without someone doing a thorough health consultation and examination you might be choosing the wrong course of care, and finding little relief.

When it comes to the back pain, there are two other situations that can trigger symptoms similar to disc herniations:

  1. Discogenic pain which is pain radiates from the disc without any disc problems like a bulge or herniation. Annular fibres of disc are tough but tiny tears in the tissue from spinal subluxations can create inflammation and joint irritation.
  2. Lack of proper mobility in the hip joints will create faulty movement mechanics in the lumbar vertebral joints. This added strain will lead to added strain on the discs, which can then develop tears or inflammation as mentioned in the point above.
  3. Piriformis syndrome, where one of the deep muscles in your buttocks becomes  inflamed. Spasm of this muscle will constrict blood and nerve flow in the surrounding tissues, and can also trigger lower back disc bulge type symptoms.

What can you do?

Find help! I’ve seen hundred of people in my practice find relief from back pain after a thorough assessment and appropriate chiropractic care.

You’ll find more information about how Chiropractic can help you in some of these posts:

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