Stay Hydrated In The Heat! My Best Tips

Your body is approximately 80% water, and it requires an on-going supply to stay hydrated, especially in the warmer months when we perspire more. Water contributes to our cellular composition, and is essential to flush toxins out of our body at all times, but especially during a cleanse.  Drink a minimum of 5-6 8 oz glasses per day of pure water, and clear fluids such as herbal teas, broths, and diluted juices.

Beware of fluids that further dehydrate your body such as caffeine, sodas, and alcohol. If you simply cannot give them up, make it a routine to counter your cup of coffee or tea with a glass of water when you’re done.

I always recommend keeping water in various places so that it’s easily accessible and will subtly remind you – a glass in various rooms in your home, a bottle in the car, at your desk.

When at home, I often pour a glass and carry it with me to whatever room I am going to and then leave it there, and before I start my day in my practice I strategically place glasses of water in the various places I know I will be in.

If you’re not fond of plain water try adding fresh herbs or fruit to it! Recently at an event we made “spa water” and filled a beautiful glass pitcher with grapes, strawberries, and orange slices. The water became lightly flavored and it certainly looked lovely!  

Other combinations I have tried are:

~ lemon slices and a few springs of fresh rosemary

~ lime slices and fresh mint

~ cucumber slices

~ green apple and ginger

Experiment and create your own!

Herbal teas are delicious and can be highly nutritious depending on the blend. They can be consumed hot or cold. Avoid black teas or excessive amounts of green tea which has some caffeine in it.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are great too!

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