The Basics Of Infant Spine Development

One of the first conversations I have with all the parents in my practice is what to expect with their child’s spinal development, and this overview has always been a helpful foundation for them to understand their child’s progress moving forward. I hope it helps you too.

There is a reason for every developmental stage in the human body – the body knows what to do and your child will always try to advance themselves unless there is a reason they cannot. The body has an amazing innate intelligence that governs and directs all functions in the body, this belief is at the core of chiropractic.

When it comes to the spine, there is a very sequential order to the development of infant motor patterns. There is a reason infants don’t come out and start walking, and why they need to sit before they crawl or stand. We need to respect this process, and not force it. If development not progressing the way it naturally should be, we then need to look for the potential causes, find them, and restore balance so development can continue.

A healthy adult spine has 4 curves, but only two are present at birth: the thoracic (mid back) and sacral (tailbone – which at birth is not actually yet 1 bone but 4 separate pieces until it matures). Curves in the spine are essential because they help us stay flexible and balanced, and help absorb stress through gravity and daily activity. Curves in the spine develop as an adaptation to gravity – and this is a crucial step in how muscles develop the strength necessary for stability. An infant develops the curve in their neck when they begin to lift and support their head, and the curve in their low back when they sit. This happens during the first 6 months.

Once infants can sit independently they have gained substantial strength in their torso, and their next step is to start to push themselves up and develop strength in their hips and legs, which gets them ready for creeping and then crawling. After continuing to build strength and mobility in their hips, legs and arms through crawling (and figuring out how to coordinate their arms and legs moving at the same time!) they are ready to start pulling themselves up to take their first steps. 

This is the natural order, the way the body was designed to mature, and what occurs for 90% of children I see in my practice.

Sometimes there are minor traumas to their infant spine (from the birth process, accidents, incorrect diapering, too much time in car seats, not enough tummy time, toxicity) which impede this healthy development, and that’s where  Chiropractic comes in! Children respond easily and well to appropriate and gentle spinal care from Chiropractors who have special training in pediatric development, anatomy, and neurology, and parents are equally thrilled with the results they see in their children. 

Is your child progressing in this way? I hope so! If not let us know we’re always happy to answer your questions or concerns and offer 15 minute complimentary consultations to help you see if this practice is the right fit for you.

Disclaimer: Chiropractic care supports overall health and healing, but is not a cure or treatment for neurological/development issues or trauma in children.

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