I’m Embracing Winter – Are You?

Recently I participated in a  Winter Wellness Event at our local library, and as much as I love sharing health information I love learning from others who are passionate and knowledgeable! Winter is not my favourite season but I’ve never suffered terribly through it the way I know some people in my practice have. One of the other presenters during this event spoke about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and 3 ways to support yourself if this is a challenge for you. 

These 3 tips shared by one of the speakers that evening might help you:

Get outside everyday, for at least 20 minutes. Wear proper clothing to protect yourself from the elements, and stay warm! Moving your body is nature’s best antidepressant. I confess,  there are days I don’t even need to leave my property because my practice and business are in the same building! However, I do notice that when I resist the outdoors  I don’t feel the same when I don’t get any fresh air, so let’s commit to getting a little bit of outdoor time every day. 

Focus on what you love about winter! Are there sports you participate in? Cozy sweaters you love to wear? Wrapping yourself with a blanket and curling up with a book? Sitting by a fire? Taking indulgent baths or sitting in a steam room? Drinking a cup of hot tea? Cooking hearty foods? Make a list of some foods or activities that you enjoy only in the winter months and then see how you can do more of them! Choose to celebrate what makes winter special rather than what annoys you and you’ll find your mindset shifts.

Similarly, choose your words wisely! If you constantly say that you hate winter or find yourself complaining about it to anyone who will listen, consider changing the words you use and start speaking with more gratitude and acceptance for the winter months. Perhaps speaking about the things you noted in the previous paragraph. If you find something to be grateful for then you’ll often continue to find other things to be grateful for. I often say ‘what you dwell upon expands’ so find good things about the colder season to dwell on! 

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