The One Doctor You Can’t Trust

Are you relying on “Dr. Internet” to advise you on matters pertaining to your health?  Knowledge is power, but with all the information readily available you also need to be mindful of what you are reading.

I’m a huge advocate for understanding your body, and getting empowered with information to make decisions for your health care. In my practice I likely give people more information than they want or need – we have a library, workshops, online programs, an email newsletters with health tips, and lots of conversations!  I am a firm believer that information gives us power, and if there is any area you should have some power in your life  to making choices for your health and that of your family.

However, relying on one major source of information – the internet can be misleading and create added stress in your life.

Here’s 3 reasons why: 

  1. You need a whole body assessment. Sometimes where the problem is and where the pain is are not the same. There can be referral patterns based on complex neurology, trigger points in the muscles,  or even referrals from your internal organs. Without a health professional carefully listening to your complaint and assessing you, you might miss what’s actually going on.  
  1. Inaccurate information. Need I say more?  
  1. Objectivity Matters. When a professional looks at your body and listens to your concerns, without any emotional attachment or subjectivity, you’ll get a more accurate diagnosis. Your entire health history and clinical findings, give important clues about what might be going on, and without someone on the ‘outside’ looking at you, things can be missed. 

Next time you have a question about your health, get informed! But talk to one of the professionals on your health care team before making a diagnosis on yourself. It will save you time, money and stress! 

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