Chiropractic & Asthma

For over a hundred years sufferers of all types of respiratory conditions have sung the praises of chiropractic care.

Spinal Subluxations interfere with all body functions and lower your resistance to disease.  Every organ in your respiratory system – trachea & lungs (bronchial tubes, brochioles) is directly connected and controlled by your brain and spinal cord.

Chiropractic works! In a study of 81 asthmatic children, 73 showed significant improvement after chiropractic adjustments, evidenced by dramatic reduction in medication use and asthmatic attacks.  In patients with chronic pulmonary disease (bronchitis /emphysema) over 90% reported improvement of symptoms after spinal care.  Many researchers have found spinal care superior to conventional medical bronchodilators, expectorants, and corticosteroids, and I have certainly seen this clinically in my practice.

If the nerves are impinged upon by a subluxation, no amount of drugs will relieve the pressure.  A chiropractic spinal adjustment releases pressure on your nervous system to promote body harmony, enhanced ability to cope with stress and improved resistance to disease.

Who do you know is suffering with asthma respiratory challenges? Tell them about chiropractic and change their life!  If they live locally ask us for a health pass to visit our practice, otherwise we will gladly help find them a referral in their area.

Disclaimer: Chiropractic care supports overall health, but is not a cure or treatment for asthma in children. 

Our Earth-Friendly Practice

Environmental toxins weaken your health and are bad for the environment.  Our goal when building this location was to create a beautiful and harmonious space that fit the needs of the practice.  During the construction (complete renovation to convert if from a family home to commercial space) 75% of the materials and process was in keeping with environmentally-friendly practice.  From non-toxic solvents and paints to natural clay and reclaimed wood, fixtures and furniture,  the space we designed is now a beautiful, functional, health-promoting place.  We continue to hold these high values by using natural cleaning products, minimizing energy losses, recycling and composting. All computers are hard-wired and there is no WI-FI in the building.  Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by committing to making one small change in your lifestyle that honors environmental awareness.

Healthy, Colourful, Eggs for Easter

Dying eggs is a common, fun, activity for Easter Celebrations…but have you ever thought about what you are using to create those psychedelic colours? Commercial food dyes are created from many chemicals that do not belong in your body.  This year, consider food based dyes – your kitchen might already be full of them!


Select a dyeing agent, and place it in a large pot using the amount listed below.  Add 1 quart of water and 2 tablespoons white vinegar to pot; if more water is necessary to cover ingredients, proportionally increase the amount of vinegar.  Bring to a boil, and lower heat.

Allow the ingredients to simmer for 30 minutes.  Strain dye into a

bowl, and let cool.

☻            Red-cabbage dye: 4 cups chopped cabbage

☻            Turmeric dye: 3 tablespoons turmeric

☻            Onion-skin dye: 4 cups onion skins ( skins of about 12        onions)

☻            Beet dye: 4 cups chopped beets

☻            Coffee dye: 1 quart strong black coffee (instead of water)

Cold Dipping Method

With this method, the eggs and the ingredients for the dye are boiled separately.  Using a metal spoon, lower cooled hard-boiled eggs into a bowl of dye, and let them soak for as little as 5 seconds or as long as overnight, depending on the depth of colour you desire.  Remove eggs with spoon, pat dry with paper towels, and let dry on a wire rack.  The cold-dipping method produces subtle, translucent shades, but can result in an uneven colour unless the eggs are rotated vigilantly while in the dye.  Lightly rub with olive oil when dry for shine.

Boiled Method

This method involves boiling the eggs with the dye; the heat allows the dye to saturate the shells, resulting in intense, uniform colours. Set raw eggs in a pot of strained dye; bring to a boil for the amount of time specified in our colour glossary. Remove and dry eggs as with the cold-dipping method.

Natural dyes can sometimes produce unexpected results, so don’t be surprised if, for example, your red-cabbage dye yields blue eggs.  Use the following guide to help you achieve the colours you desire.

Deep Gold:  boil eggs in turmeric solution, 30 minutes.

Sienna: boil eggs in onion-skin solution, 30 minutes.

Dark, Rich Brown: boil eggs in black coffee, 30 minutes.

Pale yellow: soak eggs in room-temperature turmeric solution, 30 minutes.

Orange: soak eggs in room-temperature onion-skin solution, 30 minutes.

Light Brown: soak eggs in room-temperature black coffee, 30 minutes.

Light Pink: soak eggs in room-temperature beet solution, 30 minutes.

Light Blue: soak eggs in room-temperature cabbage solution, 30 minutes.

Royal Blue: soak eggs in room-temperature cabbage solution overnight.

Lavender: soak eggs in room-temperature turmeric solution, 30 minutes. Follow with room-temperature cabbage solution, 30 seconds.

Chartreuse: soak eggs in room-temperature turmeric solution, 30 minutes.  Follow with room-temperature beet solution, 5 seconds.

Salmon: soak eggs in room-temperature turmeric solution, 30 minutes. Follow with room-temperature beet solution, 30 minutes.


Structure Dictates Function!

Has your child had a spinal check-up?

Often times when a new patient comes into our practice and sees an infant or child being adjusted, the initial comment usually is “I didn’t know you treated children.” However, if you think about it (and watched any children at play!) the spine is subject to stress from the very moment of birth and continues during the early years of life.

Early movement patterns, sleeping positions, tumbles and falls, rough play, or sports injuries can stress an infant or child’s neck, head or spine and may cause a vertebral subluxation in the body.

A vertebral subluxation is a spinal misalignment causing stress on the spinal cord and impairs normal function.  Spinal subluxations have a detrimental effect on the body and consequently are the cause of many pediatric concerns such as colic, breathing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions, chronic infections, digestive troubles, growing pains, ear infections, bedwetting and even behavioral problems.  A chiropractic spinal adjustment corrects vertebral subluxations and restores proper function to the body so that it can regulate and heal itself the way it was designed to. Clinical experience shows that chiropractic spinal adjustments are very safe and comfortable, even for newborns.  Chiropractic examinations and adjustive techniques are modified to fit a child’s size, weight, and unique spinal condition.  They are both gentle and specific to the child’s developing structures, and most parents report that their children enjoy their adjustments and look forward to subsequent visits.

During the last century, chiropractic care has become the largest drug-free profession in the world, and studies show that 1/3 of all parents make chiropractic care part of their children’s life.

As a parent you have the responsibility to make informed decisions about health issues that pertain to your child.  Gather as much info as you can, review it, and then quiet your mind and let your instincts guide you to what is right for your family. Surround yourself with a team of professionals that offer you guidance, readily answer your questions, and support your parenting approach. Proper spinal care is essential to your child’s health. For more information and to find a Pediatric Chiropractor visit