Thrive in 30!

Every month Dr. Melissa Longo hosts a 30 minute session at her practice to discuss stretching, mobility, ergomonics, sleep positions and other lifestyle considerations to help support healthy spines and compliment Chiropractic care. Guest are welcome too! This is a great opportunity to meet Dr. Melissa, find out if her approach is right for you, and learn ways to help your body feel and function better. Please email or call to reserve your spot.


 Motivation Mondays

What else can you do to get healthier and THRIVE? What questions about general health and wellness are on your mind? Should you believe the latest trends? This monthly session is filled with some of the most common questions Dr. Melissa Longo has heard in her holistic practice, and it changes every month!


 Prenatal Classes

As a mother of two and with specialty training in Pediatrics and Prenatal Care, Dr. Melissa Longo been helping couples have a safe and natural birth experience since 2004

In these 2 sessions designed for couples, Dr. Melissa Longo shares how to prepare your body and mind for childbirth, and the lifestyle change of becoming a parent. We also discuss the physiology of childbirth, coping strategies for dealing with contractions, possible complications, and what to consider for a healthy natural  delivery.

$99/couple includes ebook and any other notes provided per session.

These classes are capped at 4 couples per session. For more information and availability please email or call 705.446.9733 for more information.