About Dr. Melissa Longo


Dr. Melissa Longo – Collingwood Chiropractor

Dr. Melissa Longo is a Collingwood Chiropractor in her 20th year of family practice.

Born and raised in Toronto, she attended Dalhousie and McMaster Universities, graduating with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. She then studied at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She has extensive training in Prenatal and Pediatric care, and was awarded a fellowship with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in 2002.


In The Collingwood Community

Dr. Longo has always been highly active in her local community.  She has been nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards, and her practice has been nominated in the category of customer service.  Dr. Longo lectures regularly on a variety of health topics and has been invited to present at community events and organizations, as well as corporate events.  She appears regularly on the local cable television show Georgian Bay Life and was a featured interview on the show Women to Women.  In January 2013 she began producing and hosting her own show on healthy living, Good Living, Good Health, with Rogers TV.

Community awareness and education is important to Dr. Longo.  She founded BirthQuest Childbirth Education classes in 2004 and has helped many expecting couples have a safe, natural birth experience. In 2007 she founded Healthy Parents, Healthy Families a company that regularly offers workshops on topics such as natural family living, cleaning without chemicals, choosing safe personal care products, eliminating toxins from your home, healthy eating, and supporting your immune system. She has taught these classes both locally and in other parts of Canada. To book Dr. Longo to speak at your group find out more here.

Dr. Longo is a passionate Collingwood Chiropractor and also interested in natural living and environmental awareness. She co-founded and led the Holistic Living Network from 2005 – 2008, a local initiative that brought together members of the community interested in natural health and environmental issues. She was actively involved with Partners for a Green Collingwood, and the Safe School Initiative. In September 2018 she will be launching a monthly program in Collingwood for families about Holistic Parenting and Raising Healthy Families.

In The Wider Chiropractic Community

Dr. Longo also mentors other Chiropractors to support their practice development and help them deepen their clinical skills. She hosts a Podcast for Chiropractors and speaks at conferences and conventions internationally.

When not in practice or coaching other Health Care Professionals towards greater business success, or spending time with her loved ones. You’ll often find her enjoying the trails, beaches, cafes and restaurants this beautiful town offers, and as much as possible on her bike!