Healthy Families Collingwood

10-11am, The Wild Stand General Store

So many questions come up with parents during visits to the practice, and so often they are the same ones other parents have later the same day! 

I’ve partnered with The Wild Stand General Store to host these series of casual coffee hours to talk about a variety of health topics that pertain to raising healthy kids.

These are open to the community and there is no charge to attend. Bring your questions and join us! If there is a topic you’re really curious about let me know.

Detox Your Family  – Weds April 3, 

Are there hidden toxins in your home and how might they be affecting your health? How can you clean up the products you are using for your family and what are some easy solutions? 

Kids & Stress – Weds April 17

Stress in Children: What are the signs of anxiety in children and  what can you do as a parent to nurture your child through emotional stress and help them develop resilience?

Kids On The Move!  – Weds May 8

What are the appropriate timelines for motor skill development in infants and children and why is active play so important? We will discuss the best ways to ensure your child is on-track, what you can do to support healthy development, and what problems to watch for. 

Building Baby’s Brain – Weds May 22

What can you do as a parent to encourage healthy brain function? We will discuss many supportive strategies including foods, movement, and bonding to nurture your baby and minimize stress to their system. 

Simple, Healthy Ways To Feed Your Family  – Weds June 5

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated! We will discuss and demonstrate simple ways to make meal-prep easy, teach your family about healthy meals, and enjoy delicious food at all stages of child development – from babies to teenagers! 

Common Health Concerns & Natural Solutions – Weds June 19

Colds, fevers, tummy aches, growing pains, and ear infections are some of the most common childhood health challenges. What can you do to support healthy recovery and a healthy immune system? We will discuss natural ways to provide symptom relief and strengthen the body, and when professional attention is needed. 

Dr. Melissa Longo and Darrelle Leeming, Owner of the Wild Stand General Store discuss this new event in this video: