It’s Kids Month! A great time to have your child’s spine assessed!


During our annual Kids Health Month your child can have an Initial Intensive Health Assessment with Dr. Melissa Longo for $35 instead of $90.

During their initial visit we will discuss their entire health history, injuries and impacts they may have suffered, and they will have a thorough structural and neurological health evaluation including posture, flexibility, reflex testing, and gait analysis.

If there are any concerns observed you’ll receive a full report about how Chiropractic can help them. Please call or email to reserve your appointment


Why do parents take their children to Chiropractors?

Parents take their children to chiropractors to help them recover from an illness, develop proper motor skills, support their brain development, and remedy many ailments.

Dr. Melissa Longo specializes in Pediatric care

To visit her website dedicated to Chiropractic for children click

Chiropractic kids grow strong and healthy!

Spinal misalignments start early in life, and the sooner they are corrected, the better the body is able to recover and heal.

Adjustments for children are gentle and safe, and parents often comment about how much their children look forward to visits to the office.

We have a special children’s area, an elephant adjusting table and tons of toys to keep little ones busy!  Dr. Melissa is specially trained in Pediatrics and the children love her care and attention.

You can find out more in these blog posts:


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