Pre-Natal Classes


Pre-natal Classes

As a mother of two and with specialty training in Pediatrics and Prenatal Care, Dr. Melissa Longo been helping couples have a safe and natural birth experience since 2004

In these 2 sessions designed for couples, Dr. Melissa Longo shares how to prepare your body and mind for childbirth, and the lifestyle change of becoming a parent. We also discuss the physiology of childbirth, coping stratgies for dealing with contractions, possible complications, and what to consider for a healthy natural  delivery.

$99/couple includes ebook and any other notes provided per session.

These classes are capped at 4 couples per session. For more information and availability please email or call 705.446.9733 for more information.

Upcoming Dates: 

Session #1: Saturday, October 13 & Saturday, November 10, 10am-12noon

Session #2: Wednesday, October 17 & Wednesday, November 14, 7-9pm

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