Using a Ball To Improve Your Mobility and Ease Muscle Tension

Ready for an easy mobility exercise you can do anywhere, anytime to help you feel your best! Try using a ball to improve your mobility, ease muscle tension and release muscle knots that may be creating stiffness and affecting your healthy range of movement.

There are mobility tools you can pick up, more elaborate devices that have knobs on them or that you can also put in the freezer, but in my experience, using a  simple ball you might already have in your house can be very effective.

Try a simple tennis ball, lacrosse ball, baseball, or my favourite, the little blue foam balls that kids play mini-stick hockey with.  They all have different sizes and density, so depending on your preference or type of injury one might be better suited for you. They are inexpensive to pick up so you can always have a few on hand to test out. I have a bowl with a variety of them in my practice and together with my patients we will often test a few out and see what’s best for their intended use.

Using a ball is an easy self massage technique that can support your body’s recovery from an injury or add to the care you are receiving from your Chiropractor. It’s always best to speak with your Chiropractor first to make sure this type of massage technique is right for you.

Wondering how to do this? Check out this video where I demonstrate it.