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Read what Clients have say about Dr. Melissa Longo and Thrive Chiropractic

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“I started Chiropractic care quite a few years ago because I suffered from migraines. I decided that I just couldn’t keep on dealing with pain and how my headaches were controlling my life. I moved to Collingwood and didn’t have a Chiropractor. I got a recommendation to see Dr. Melissa. Right off the start I knew she was the right choice. She took the time to get to know me and my health concerns. It was about two weeks after my first adjustment that I started to feel noticeable improvements in my condition and in my health. Today I feel much better in all aspects of my life. I have a lot more energy and I can do whatever I feel like doing. And no more migraines!!!! I still go for my Chiropractic adjustments regularly so that I can maintain the amazing results.” ~ D.W.

“I started seeing Melissa to try and relieve some back pain and better my health in general. When I became pregnant almost 6 months ago she clearly explained how we could continue with my health goals, even during pregnancy. The added benefits have been great! This has been my best pregnancy ever; no morning sickness, no sciatic pain, and quick attention to any discomfort caused by my growing baby. I would recommend Melissa, and chiropractic care in general to any women who are expecting.” ~ S.N.

“I would like to say how lucky we are to have Melissa’s care knowledge and compassionate outreach for us all to have better health and wellness. I started with Melissa some time ago and now my whole family take part in the community lounge of friendship and Melissa’s great techniques for better health. Thanks Melissa, glad you’re in our lives.” ~ S.B.

“I started seeing Melissa for Chiropractic Care 2 years ago after throwing my back out. It was a reoccurring condition and that I couldn’t get rid of. I’m active and it was hindering my activities. I’ve always believed in Chiropractic Care but was in acute pain when I entered Melissa’s practice. After having gone through extensive treatment for a number of weeks, I was able to walk straight, get back to my physical activities without issues. Being active requires regular adjustments so I’m on a plan now that I get adjusted weekly and my flexibility has improved as well as range of motion that I didn’t have before. I come out of an adjustment feeling like I can breathe better. If you have your car serviced because you drive it so often, why wouldn’t you have your body serviced. Guaranteed you use your body way more than you drive your car! It’s totally worth the visit. Thanks Dr. Melissa! oxoxoxo” ~ R.H.

“I was born with a defect in my lower spine, this was chronic pain for me, that I thought I was forced to live with for the rest of my life. I tried lots of different ways to deal with this problem with no success.  Melissa had offered me to give Thrive a try.  Within the second adjustment I had no pain!  With that in mind and the confidence that Thrive projects I felt confident in myself that my back pain wasn’t something that I had to deal with everyday for the rest of my life. Also coming to Thrive I had been informed in other potentially major problems that wasn’t my lower back and had no symptoms that I thought were problematic.  I am so thankful that Melissa took me on as a patient.. I have her to thank for my “now” pain free health! Love you!”  ~ B.K

“Chiropractic care has given me back my energy, cleared my frequent headaches and improved my overall health.  I recommend chiropractic care to anyone who will listen.  I had gotten away from caring for myself and had stopped going to the chiropractor.  I now know it was a great decision to return to care and to improving my health and my outlook on life.” ~ Y.M.

“Lots of good changes: Standing straighter, better flexibility in my neck, helps especially when driving. Sleeping much better, last year I would sit up and read for 2-3 hours most nights.  Now I sleep 6 hours more often than not.  I also used to have to get up to the bathroom to void 2 or 3 times a night – now sometimes once!!!!  My mood had definitely improved.  I just feel happier! One day last week i did wake up with a headache, came for an adjustment- walked out and my head was clear and it remained that way! The office is a great place to visit-always friendly and up beat. Things run smoothly so you’re not waiting for long periods- in and out usually within 5 minutes!  I like the encouragement for really taking responsibility for one’s general health.  All Good!!” ~ G.R.

“I’ve had constant pain in my arms and legs with no relief even after 5 years of many therapies an drugs.  I met Dr. Melissa and liked her attitude and approach, she was very professional and easy to talk to. I’ve been seeing her for 5 months and have gone off my meds, have less pain and feel better generally. Dr. Melissa is a very knowledgeable, caring doctor who has helped me to improve the quality of my life. Thank you!” ~ MC

“I had a bad fall in 2009 and suffered lower back pain when lying on my back and especially coughing and sneezing. My doctor recommended that I go for physiotherapy however after a  few treatments there was no relief.  An MRI Bone Scan revealed that I had a compression fracture that had not totally healed.  I thought Chiropractic care maybe worth a try. After receiving only a few adjustments my back felt much better; and now I don’t experience any pain when lying down. I feel more energetic and feel that I can now start an exercise program that will help me loose some weight. Dr. Melissa’s practice is very welcoming and friendly – with a great family atmosphere. My body posture and physical well being has totally changed for the better. I would recommend Chiropractic care to everyone even if they are not experiencing pain at the moment.  It is amazing to learn from x-rays exactly how your vertebrae are positioned and may not be for the best.” ~ M.E.

“Our children started coming in 2005 to see Dr. Melissa.  The children no longer suffer from ear infections!  When the children do get ill they recover remarkably fast!  Both our children love and respect  Dr. Melissa and look forward to their visits!  We have noticed a remarkable difference in our daughter’s asthma.  Great improvement, rarely ever uses inhalers!!!!  Dr. Melissa is an involved practitioner helpful and encouraging!” ~ S.V

“I am 70 and was starting to feel achy and old. Now I don’t. My whole attitude has changed. I feel lighter and brighter. My movement is better and I can exercise more. Everything is easier!” ~ M.M

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