What To Expect

You CAN feel great and live well!

Here is what you can expect when you visit Dr. Melissa Longo at Thrive Chiropractic

Step 1:  An Intensive Health Assessment which includes a complete consultation, health history, flexibility testing, a postural assessment, orthopedic and neurological evaluation, and X-Ray images if Dr. Longo feels they are necessary.

Step 2: A clear, comprehensive explanation of what was found with recommendations for an appropriate course of care that suits you. You’ll understand how Chiropractic can help you, how long the process will take, and how much you will need to invest. This practice enjoys a high level of patient satisfaction because we explain everything in advance, offer different options for individual goals, and support you along the way to better health.

Step 3: Once we have your spine stabilized, and when you’re ready, you’ll help align other facets of your health too.  Dr. Melissa Longo’s uniquely holistic approach at Thrive Chiropractic helps people rebuild their body, and truly regain their health.  We will discuss food, exercise, ways to minimize stress, and reduce the chemicals in your life during our monthly wellness workshops, community initiatives, and by introducing you to some of our community partners.

Have questions before you proceed? Dr. Longo offers complimentary 15 minute “Meet The Doctor” visits which can be done over the phone or in the practice. When booking online simply choose ‘consultation’.

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Families choose our office because they want a natural approach to better health.